WEALTH: Create. Grow. Preserve.

You have the right to pursue the life you want. Our forefathers set forth in the Declaration of Independence the fact that we have unalienable rights including the right to pursue happiness.

Wealth is a means to a robust life. In today's world your wealth is the structure & support for those things that can provide a happy, successful, fruitful life. Wealth enables you pursue the life you desire. 

Wealth vs. TruWealth

Wealth Defined: an abundance of valuable possessions, assets, or money. Having plentiful (abundant) supplies of resources. All property that has a money value or an exchangeable value. -- Merriam-Webster.

True Wealth Defined: having wealth (an abundance of assets) relative to your needs over your lifetime.  -- GBJ Scott Financial.

True wealth can be achieved by initiating strategic plans, laying tactical pathways, and monitoring progress.

In terms of a structure, True Wealth can be envisioned as being the crown (roof & ceiling) of your building. Holding up the crown are the four supporting pillars placed upon a strong foundation. Combined this structure provides the space to hold the contents of your dreams, desires & goals. 

While the crown is True Wealth the four pillars are goal planning areas. The pillars are strategies & the tactical implementation in the areas of Cash Flow planning,  Tax planning, Investment positioning & Estate preservation.  The four planning pillars work in unison, in accordance, harmonious & in concert with each other. Decisions in one pillar will affect the outcome of the others.

Robust planning & implementation provides for a robust fruitful happy life (the contents of your building).

The foundation is made up of one's personality qualities (traits) of virtue, motivation, determination, discipline, focus ability, & patience.

GBJ Scott Financial is here assisting you in your quest of True Wealth: Create. Grow. Preserve.