Support For the Small Business Owner

There are multitudinous reasons for starting your own business: to pursue something you are passionate about; to be able to support an above average lifestyle; to build a retirement asset; to provide a legacy. Small Business Owners are above average risk takers with opportunities not available to the career employee in terms of creating, growing, & preserving wealth.

In order to maximize the opportunities available, the Small Business Owner requires above average support in the areas of Cash Flow Planning, Tax Planning, investment positioning & Estate Preservation. Also, Business Valuation a component of retirement, estate, & asset succession planning, is critical to the Small Business Owner & their family in keeping what their life sacrifices have created.  

The Associated Family Office provides a unique service offering in the areas of harmonious financial planning. The business often represents the asset of greatest value. Special planning emphasis in the areas of Tax Planning & Business Valuations provide greater efficiencies which can increase the cash flow and net worth of the small business owner.

GBJ Scott Financial is here assisting you in your quest of True Wealth: Create. Grow. Preserve.