Our Services

Helping retirees & pre-retirees plan, implement, and monitor their assets in relation to the key risks faced during retirement is what we do. Our service is designed to Help you achieve a Financially Independent Retirement.

We provide a long-term service. Our service is designed to assist you in achieving financial independence during retirement. Retirement as defined by you, our client. As part of our service we help you by being a source of discipline and pro-action. As if you were a ship at sea; we are there helping you to navigate the rough seas and stay the course. By understanding where you want to go we can provide an efficient course at the least possible risk & expense.

We work primarily from a fee-based model. This means that we sit on the same side of the table as you do - not across from you. As you grow we grow; reducing our fees as your portfolio increases. For smaller or initial investors we may work from a transactional position. We do this in order to assure you that we will be there for you no matter what your financial condition becomes. The types of investments (Investment and Financial Products) we recommend are those which would be most efficient at the least expense. Our goal is to translate this into more wealth retained by you.

Planning, implementing, and monitoring your wealth on an on going basis in relation to the key risks faced during retirement; our service is designed to guide you towards a financially independent retirement.