Our Firm

GBJ Scott Financial, Inc, is an Independent Financial Advisor Firm. Since 1987 we have been helping retirees & pre-retirees comprehensively plan for their eventual retirement. All retirees face certain risks. These risks interfere with and can destroy a retirees financially independent lifestyle. Our service provides a way to help you effectively minimize, mitigate, and manage these risks.

As primarily a fee-based service provider we utilize cost-efficient, risk-adjusted investment models. These models are brought inline with client goals to effectively help achieve desired financial outcomes.

Along with these models, qualified clients may participate in alternative investments. Typically, these private placement, non-publicly traded alternatives offer an additional level of diversification. Also, in situations where Life Risks may be financially mitigated or eliminated certain insurance products can be used.

As an Independent Financial Advisor firm, we provide analysis and implementation of a wide array of investment and insurance vehicles in helping you achieve a financially independent retirement.

Other entities which provide support for our firm are:

Belpointe Asset Management, LLC

TD Ameritrade