A Simple Fee for Advice & Service

Providing advice in a fiduciary capacity we put your best interests ahead of ours.


EOS for AUM Fee 

We strive for a continuous relationship. We strive in bringing your goals to fruition. We strive to sit on the same side of the table with you not in opposition.

We are primarily compensated for the assets under our management (AUM). A simple fee based on an annualized percentage taken quarterly. One fourth of the annualized fee is taken at the beginning of each quarter. As your aggregated advisory portfolio grows the fee percentage is reduced as you reach certain asset levels and further reduced at higher levels (EOS). Accounts are organized under a Household. All accounts under the same household are aggregated for a total asset level for billing purposes (EOS). 

We may periodically receive transactional compensation in the form of referral fees or commissions. These may come from insurance vehicles including annuities, long-term care & life insurance. Also, referral fees maybe received from our advisor partners in the area of tax-planning and estate planning.

For our Small Business Owner Clients we may charge a flat rate fee depending on the level of service provided.

GBJ Scott Financial is here assisting you in your quest of True Wealth: Create. Grow. Preserve.