Our Firm

    GBJ Scott Financial is an Independent Financial Advisor Firm. Since 1987 we have been helping retirees & pre-retirees comprehensively plan for their eventual retirement. All retirees face certain risks. These risks interfere with and can destroy a retirees financially independent lifestyle. Our service provides a way to help you effectively minimize, mitigate, and manage these risks.

    As primarily a fee-based service provider we utilize cost-efficient, risk-adjusted investment models. These models are brought inline with client goals to effectively help achieve desired financial outcomes.

    Along with these models, qualified clients may participate in alternative investments. Typically, these private placement, non-publicly traded alternatives offer an additional level of diversification. Also, in situations were Life Risks may be financially mitigated or eliminated certain insurance products can be used.

    As an Independent Financial Advisor firm, we provide analysis and implementation of a wide array of investment and insurance vehicles in helping you achieve a financially independent retirement.

Other entities which provide support for our firm are:

SagePoint Financial, Inc.

    SagePoint is an independent introducing broker-dealer that provides investment product, back office, technology, regulatory and operational support. Thanks to our association with SagePoint, we can offer you access to thousands of diverse financial strategies. SagePoint is not in the business of creating and marketing their own investment products — their only “products” are service and support. Therefore, I can offer objective, independent investment advice, with no obligation to promote any particular investment. After all, We don’t work for SagePoint. we work for you, our client.

SAGEPOINT FINANCIAL, INC. — Our FIRM’S BROKER-DEALER SagePoint works with approximately 1,700 independence-minded financial advisors like us, with offices across the United States. As part of one of the largest networks of independent broker dealers in the country —  Advisor Group — SagePoint provides stability and financial strength that has been maintained through various market cycles.

Advisor Group, Inc.

The Advisor Group is a network of independent broker-dealers.The Advisor Group is among the largest in the United States. The four broker-dealers that comprise Advisor Group are FSC Securities Corporation, Royal Alliance Associates, SagePoint Financial and Woodbury Financial Services. These four independent broker-dealers foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and independence that the Advisor Group's 5,996-plus advisors exemplify. The structure of the Advisor group allows them the ability to invest significant resources across the four broker-dealer networks — resources that any single firm would have difficulty duplicating. The result? The Advisor Group advisors enjoy access to state-of-the-art technologies, personalized service, and broad-based operational support.

Pershing, LLC

The "Clearing Firm"

Is a financial professional’s "clearing firm". Pershing, LLC (member FINRA, NYSE, and SIPC) — a trusted, established, and financially stable financial services firm — provides clearing services for our firm. A clearing firm works with various financial exchanges to handle confirmation, delivery and settlement of your financial transactions. Such firms employ technology and procedures designed to ensure that transactions are processed in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, clearing firms prepare and send periodic account statements and transaction confirmations to investors. The SEC and FINRA, the regulatory bodies that oversee broker-dealers, also oversee clearing firms.

Pershing LLC has been a leading global provider of financial business solutions for 75 years and and serves many of the world’s most respected financial organizations. Your assets are not held at my firm, nor are they held at SagePoint. Pershing is a separate and independent entity, and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, a leading provider of financial services for institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

Pershing is a member of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). An explanatory brochure is available upon request or at www.sipc.org.